Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bleacher games

We had been playing spot the sniper, which made us wonder why they
were all one only 1 side of the street, but now one person with a
radio says Ted Kennedy got sick at lunch so its delayed, which anyone
else prob learned from CNN long ago. And now someone else called their
brother who is watching CNN so news is the flashing lights at the end
of the street are Obama coming in his car!!!?

On 1/20/09, Scout <scoutout@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok, so I may have no idea if I still have all my fingers or toes, but
> at least we aren't forced to stand motionless at parade rest in a
> trench coat like the army honor guard troops lining the parade route.
> We are up here in our perfect bleacher spot talking with our new buddy
> Sam, the photog from Black Enterprise.
> On 1/20/09, Scout <scoutout@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Two plus hours of waiting as the temp dropped and Katie Paige
>> struggled with the secret service to convince them to open the gate to
>> bleacher ticket holders, and inaugural committee event manager Katie
>> won the day, we are in to the mostly empty bleacher seats with a
>> perfect view of the length of Pennsylvania Ave. We are 60 feet over
>> from the official press reviewing stand and I can't imagine a better
>> view. Thank you Katie!!
>> On 1/20/09, scoutout@gmail.com <scoutout@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Ok, bail on the swearing in and get to parade entrance for reserved
>>> ticketholders by 11:25 for 2:30 parade and they say gate closed to all,
>>> no
>>> police seem to even understand what the reserved bleacher seats are, or
>>> to
>>> understand that every reserved ticketholder was told that general
>>> closing
>>> didn't mean closing for the 5000 reserved folks. They say we should
>>> complain
>>> to whomever sold us the tix, when we say it was The Inaugural Committee,
>>> they shrug. Finally, an angel, Catherine Paige, who seems to work for
>>> the
>>> inaugural committee, tries to face off with secret service to get
>>> reserved
>>> folk in, we put all hopes in her as we hear the crowds on the mall cheer
>>> for
>>> our new president.
>>> If we close our eyes and listen to his muffled voice on the far away
>>> loudspeakers, we imagine he's saying great things.
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