Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tickets schmickets

Ok, bail on the swearing in and get to parade entrance for reserved ticketholders by 11:25 for 2:30 parade and they say gate closed to all, no police seem to even understand what the reserved bleacher seats are, or to understand that every reserved ticketholder was told that general closing didn't mean closing for the 5000 reserved folks. They say we should complain to whomever sold us the tix, when we say it was The Inaugural Committee, they shrug. Finally, an angel, Catherine Paige, who seems to work for the inaugural committee, tries to face off with secret service to get reserved folk in, we put all hopes in her as we hear the crowds on the mall cheer for our new president.

If we close our eyes and listen to his muffled voice on the far away loudspeakers, we imagine he's saying great things.

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